February 14, 2009
"... high octane adventure ..."
"McGeachin channels the ghost of Ian Fleming to entertaining effect in this high-octane adventure with a camp, comic gloss."
Cameron Woodhead

SUN-HERALD, SYDNEY, February 15, 2009
"Australia has it's own James Bond in irreverent Alby Murdoch ... quick with a quip, decidedly un-PC and engagingly intolerant ... a rollicking read"
"Australia has it's own James Bond in irreverent Alby Murdoch ... a magnet for both beautiful women and trouble by the bucketload, which makes this a most enjoyable romp ... McGeachin gets the Australian idiom and sense of humour just right ... with a lovely sense of the absurd."
Winsor Dobbin
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SUNDAY TASMANIAN, March 15, 2009
"Alby Murdoch ... the sort of man that women want to be with, and men want to be."s
"Dead and Kicking shows a novelist at the peak of his form ... featuring the highly engaging photographer/spy Alby Murdoch ... the sort of man that women want to be with, and men want to be. He is charming, witty and as sharp with his brain as he is with his brawn.
McGeachin has a real flair for action-adventure writing. His pacing is excellent, his plotting is intricate ... throw in his inimitable sense of humour and you have a sensational combination .. but his true strength is in his characterisation. The people he creates, from the main characters right down to the bit players, are magnificently described and fleshed out with a rare deft touch."
David Fleming
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"... a healthy dose of Australian larrikinism ..."
"If you like your action heroes with a healthy dose of Aussie larrikinism, then you'll love Alby Murdoch, a spy/photographer who decides to give the spy business a break for a while by working as the stills photographer on an Australian war movie being shot in Vietnam. Alby's nose for trouble is impeccable, though, and soon enough he finds himself dodging bullets on the trail of an Australian war hero missing and presumed dead for more than 30 years. McGeachin is an easy writer with a natural feel for the vernacular and he takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride that runs from Saigon to Hong Kong and Macau to Australia's Top End."
Lucy Clark

"lively, funny novel ... thoughtful moments and ... genuinely scary ones."
"This lively, funny novel mildly parodies hard-boiled crime fiction but also provides a number of thoughtful moments and a handful of genuinely scary ones ... peopled by corrupt businessmen, bent politicians and the obligatory assortment of beautiful women. There are also mouth-watering descriptions of Vietnamese food and and some truly appalling killer fish."
Kerryn Goldsworthy

"... action-packed and humorous in a distinctly Australian way ..."
"Alby's a red-blooded Aussie male and a likeable larrikin, a sort of 007 hybridised with Crocodile Dundee. He knows modern Vietnam well, too, even down to its gourmet cuisine. And this macho hero appreciates a spicy treat as much as he does a sultry woman, especially one in a traditional figure-hugging ao dai, like the female head of the Ho Chi Minh police force, Inspector Nhu Hoang ... Dead and Kicking is McGeachin's third Alby Murdoch novel and it's sure to be another winner. The storyline steps beyond the bounds of reality at times but don't let this minor detail undermine your enjoyment of McGeachin's cynical and irreverent style. Dead and Kicking is action-packed and humorous in a distinctly Australian way. You might even laugh out loud.
Elli Housden

"an action-packed ride ... with a wry humour ... Jaws, meets Ben Elton, meets Yes Minister"
" Don't be put off by references on the cover to Les Norton, Alby Murdoch, photographer and undercover agent, is much more suave. McGeachin's hero is no James Bond but he does take you on an action-packed ride. There's a lot of bullet dodging and bedding of women, all done with a wry houmour. ... it's Jaws, meets Ben Elton, meets Yes Minister."

"... fast paced ... thriller liberally dusted with humour ... a healthy sprinkling of glamourous women ... tremendous characters ... supporting cast beautifully eccentric ... just the ticket for those long hot days of summer ... "
Karen Chisholm

"A combination of James Bond, Les Norton and Jason Bourne, photographer/spy Alby Murdoch barrels his way around South East Asia, narrowly avoiding death and falling into bed with any nubile female who comes into his orbit while crushing a global conspiracy. This book has everything necessary for a global thriller, including some very funny lines, and is perfect escapism for these long hot afternoons. It's destined to be a film and will probably make a pretty good one."
Mary Vernon